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As you can imagine, there’s a lot to do to get ready for a thousand mile move. You have to notify your old apartment that you’re leaving (check), find a new apartment (check), rent a moving van (check), notify your doctors that you’re moving (partial check), notify the vet, change your address with the post office and all of the other places that send you mail/that you have accounts with, etc… etc… etc… 

Also, you have to pack, clean out your fridge, clean your apartment top to bottom, reserve hotel rooms for the trip, and take care of the dozens of other things that pop up along the way. Like selling a car. 

Also there’s all the regular stuff. You still have to pay bills attend social functions (although hopefully people will cut us a little slack on this one). Between now and move-day I’ve got a Pampered Chef party (I’m hosting, so I can’t very well skip out on this), a two-day long continuing legal education course, a 90th birthday party, an after work cocktail hour with my co-workers, and of course taking the time to see all of the people we will be leaving behind.

It’s certainly stressful, I’ll tell you that. My mild anti-anxiety medicine doesn’t always cut it nowadays. Some Xanax might be just the thing.

I think the stress is getting to my husband, too. He elbowed me in the face last night in his sleep. At least I hope he was sleeping… 

I’m on my knees, begging you to sign this. Please. Our kids deserve this.

I’m on my knees, begging you to sign this. Please. Our kids deserve this..

Vietnamese Beef Part II– Seriously, STOP what you are doing and make it now.

So a few weeks or months or whatever ago I posted a recipe for Vietnamese Shaking Beef Salad. I told all of you to make it. I’m pretty sure none of you did. Oh, how wrong that was. Because I made it again, you see. And I made a couple of changes. And it is EVEN BETTER NOW. I can’t even believe that it’s possible, but it is. So much better.

For the salad I used equal parts romaine lettuce and spinach. Watercress or arugula would be good too. Then I added basil chiffonade, spicy sprouts, whatever those are, and cilantro. I topped it with the vinegar-and-sugar-marinated onions, then I topped that with the beef from the recipe I posted earlier.

Then I went genius at it.

I boiled up some soba noodles, and mixed those with the leftover marinade (that was cooked with the beef), some natural crunchy peanut butter, sriracha, and a lil bit of sesame oil. Then I ate all of this together, topped off with the lime juice, salt, and some leftover vinaigrette from the onions.



Guys, this is good. This is amazing. This tastes freaking awesome.

And… and it isn’t that bad for you. Limit your soba noodles to 1/2 cup or less, use lean beef and only have 3-4 ounces.

Whatever you do, make this now. Your tummy will thank me later.

And the only downside is that I had to chew it entirely on my left side because I clenched my teeth so hard yesterday that the entire right side of my mouth is swollen and sore. Yeah, you heard me. But that’s a story for another day. And it really only applies to me. So make this right now. 

Post-Boot Camp Workouts

First, let me say that I genuinely love my ankles. I was going to take a picture of them, but they didn’t look as good on film as they do in real life. So that’s out. Instead, I give you a photo is Sarah Robles, who is a BAMF weightlifter who represented the USA in London 2012.



For those of you who say weightlifting isn’t a sport…uh, you try to lift that much weight then. Put up or shut up.

Being a strong woman is hot. Being a weak woman may get you attention…but it won’t be the right kind of attention.  So lift, or do body weight exercises, or anything. Skinny-fat is the new, well….fat.


That said, I did my first workout sans trainer Taylor today– Taylor moved back to Texas, so Rob and I are on our own once more.

This is what I did:


15 Min Bike warm-up: increasing resistance

Squats: 3x 10 body weight

Assisted Pull-ups 3×5 at minimum weight required

Static lunges w/ weights: 3x 5 each leg

Squat Press: 3 x 10 (actually, these ended up being regular squats, as it was hurting my back. Something’s wrong with my form, gotta figure it out.)

1-armed rows 3×10 each arm

Step-ups onto bench 3×5 each leg

Deadlifts: 3 x 10

Single Arm dumbbell swing: 3x 10 each arm

Stair Run: 3x up and down

All in all, it took me 45 or 50 minutes, not including the walk to and from the gym.

Here’s what Robert did: Bike.

I’m very sore this morning, but it feels great to know that I can sweat and work hard without Taylor.

Tonight’s going to be a walk around the neighborhood and abs. It should be a run, but until I get new vibrams (as early as tomorrow), I can’t run.

Tomorrow I’ll squeeze in a 10×10 after my couponing class. Robert better join me.

Vietnamese Shaking Beef

Let me just say… yum! Check out the original recipe here.

I did several things differently.

First, I didn’t use oyster sauce in the marinade because I didn’t have any. But I’d probably use it if I had it.

Second, I was out of tomatoes, but I’d probably use them if I had them!

Third, I used white onions instead of red.

Fourth, I added some beets in with the vinaigrette.

Fifth, I added cilantro and green onions to the salad.

Finally, I served it with some sriracha-laced quinoa. It was absolutely delicious. Yum, yum, yum.

You must try this! TODAY.


It is a universally accepted fact that it is impossible to be “good” all of the time. It is impossible. Period. Anger, frustration, irritation, and hatred all seep in from time to time. Every one of us is guilty of treating a fellow human being with something less than the full measure of respect that he or she deserves. Every one of us has shouted at a pet or  scared away an animal that wasn’t interfering with us.

Every one of us can– at times– get so swept up in the tide of hatred, of politics, of shouting back and forth that we forget that the other side is, in fact, just as human as we are. Just as deserving of love, and what’s more, craving love and acceptance just as much as we do.


We see hatred every day around us.

Road rage.

The Chick-fil-a debates.

The presidential election.

The Trayvon Martin case.

The Aurora shooter.

The Sikh  temple shooter.


Everything we experience is framed as an us versus them mentality

Democrat vs. Republican

Christians vs. Non-Christians

Black vs. White

Gay vs. Straight

Americans vs. Non-Americans

Immigrants vs. Citizens

Rich vs. Poor


There is so much hate it can be overwhelming at times. No major religion has “hatred” as a major tenant, and yet every major (and minor) religion, at times, has practiced hate. Factions of every  major religion currently practice hatred in some way TODAY.

At the end of the day, what does hate bring us; more hate, death, suffering, guilt, discontent, and a deep spiritual sense that something is wrong.

And so, a proposal. Instead of hate, why not love? Love, period.

Why is it impossible to disagree with your neighbor and yet love him at the same time. Why is it impossible to look at a person who is different and see, instead of something terrifying and unknown, a fellow human being who deserves your respect?

It shouldn’t be impossible, and it isn’t impossible.

The proposal is built on one tenant, and one tenant only: Love.

Love for your fellow man, love for the animals walking on the earth, love for the earth itself.

It is impossible to be good 100% of the time, but imagine how far we could go if we tried.

How did you show your love today?


Depression Lies

This is just a reminder to anyone out there who may be suffering from depression, or who may know someone who is: Depression lies. Don’t believe it. Seek help.

If you would like some resources on depression, check out

You are not alone!