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Biggest Loser Oatmeal Pancakes

Southwest Turkey Meatballs with Cilantro Dipping Sauce

So last night I made these delicious little meatballs. They’re made with 99% Fat Free turkey breast and very little fat– and yet, they’re still delicious. As ground turkey tends to be dry, the dipping sauce was the perfect addition. You can find the recipe here:

As it turns out, this weekend was a pretty big one for cooking. I made scones, cinnamon-honey bread, dill wheat bread, pimiento cheese, and a Cucumber-dill pasta salad. It was all delicious!

And…here’s the hard part (Budget eating day 13)

This is most of what we bought at the store on Friday. As you can see, that $34 budget basically went…well, right out the window. At the end of the day, I thought about the lack of food in my refrigerator and fell back into old habits. Buuuuut…. what we did buy was, for the most part, healthy. Highlights include: strawberries (organic), frozen strawberries (NOT organic), spinach, fruit leathers, yogurt, larabars (the jury is still out as to how I feel about these), orange juice (Which I only bought because I had a coupon for, then forgot to use the coupon), light wheat bread, fruit cups and no sugar added applesauce (not pictured), brown rice, and organic milk.

So how much did we spend? Yeah, around $140. Which is more than $100 over our budget and almost the entire budget from next week. Like I said, this is where I fail at keeping my budget.

Better luck next time?

Cajun Dirty Rice with Shrimp


This was our dinner Tuesday night– Cajun Dirty rice with shrimp. Looks delicious, doesn’t it? It was! You can find the recipe here:

As an aside, I LOVE They have tons of delicious skinny recipes to try–go check it out!

A Quote

“If I tried to give up bread, I’d spaz out, have a nervous breakdown, run away, and be found five weeks later curled up under a bush somewhere (a la runaway Samedi), the ground around me littered with Wonderbread bags and those plastic things that hold the bags closed. No joke.”

–Me. 3/7/2012

Seriously, don’t take away my bread. You can make it light, with 45 calories a slice and tasting slightly better than cardboard, you can make my bagels thin, you can do whatever you want except take it away entirely. Then there will be blood.

$150 Budget Day 7 ($34.23 still left)

I went to target and picked up the Hawaiian Barbecue sauce and Jennie-O turkey sausages with my $10 in gift cards. I refuse to count the gift cards as money spent, since I didn’t actually pay for the cards. Thus, I still have 34.23 left. Re-thinking the Vietnamese beef salad, since a beef steak will cost a lot of money. also rethinking buying “good” chicken for Saturday night’s date night meal, since that might put me over budget as well.

Instead, I think I’ll do “Brinner” on Sunday night…that’s always cheap and easy!

Thus, my grocery list now looks like this:




Brown rice

Lunch meat

Bittersweet Chocolate, chopped (Maybe)



Heavy Cream

Whole Milk

Orange Juice (with coupon)


I’ll also get some 45-calorie bread if I have room for it.


In other budgetary news, I confess I’ll probably go over on the other part of our discretionary income– excluding the 34.23 I still have left for groceries, I only have 4.05 left. A trip to Subway on Thursday is already planned, so I guess I’ll have to figure something out…