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Sunday Baking

I convinced my husband not to buy extra treats at the grocery store by telling him that I’d help him bake some things at home. Here’s one of the things we baked– gingerbread cookies. They’re packed with homemade crystallized ginger pieces, and they’re delicious! If you want to try them yourself, you can find the recipe here:

I replaced the AP flour with Bread flour, because we were out of AP. I don’t know if it made the cookies any chewier or not, but they were nevertheless delicious.

We also made these: Blueberry almond muffins. They turned out pretty good– made with half whole wheat and half bread flower. They’re not particularly sweet, which is healthier, but that’s just a warning to anyone with a major sweet tooth. Stick with the gingerbread cookies. This: Is NOT the recipe I used, because I didn’t have any fruit juice, but it was the recipe I wanted to use. So I’d recommend giving that one a try.

Next up: Whole wheat bread. Just need to find the time to make it!

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