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$150 Budget Day 7 ($34.23 still left)

I went to target and picked up the Hawaiian Barbecue sauce and Jennie-O turkey sausages with my $10 in gift cards. I refuse to count the gift cards as money spent, since I didn’t actually pay for the cards. Thus, I still have 34.23 left. Re-thinking the Vietnamese beef salad, since a beef steak will cost a lot of money. also rethinking buying “good” chicken for Saturday night’s date night meal, since that might put me over budget as well.

Instead, I think I’ll do “Brinner” on Sunday night…that’s always cheap and easy!

Thus, my grocery list now looks like this:




Brown rice

Lunch meat

Bittersweet Chocolate, chopped (Maybe)



Heavy Cream

Whole Milk

Orange Juice (with coupon)


I’ll also get some 45-calorie bread if I have room for it.


In other budgetary news, I confess I’ll probably go over on the other part of our discretionary income– excluding the 34.23 I still have left for groceries, I only have 4.05 left. A trip to Subway on Thursday is already planned, so I guess I’ll have to figure something out…

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