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Week 1, Day 5

Day “5” of this little adventure. Let’s review the rules so far, shall we?

(1) DRINK: Drink as much H20 as possible. That means the real stuff. I’m aiming for at least 6 8-oz glasses per day of pure water. Yesterday I drank enough water, and I finally feel like I’m starting to go back to being well hydrated again.

(2) TRACK: Track everything that I eat. Everything. All the time. Yesterday I did poorly at this. I had been feeling anxious and uneasy all day, and I was starving by the time I got home from work. This led to me eating basically everything in sight. Not a good plan.

(3) RUN: Work out, at least 10 minutes per day, no excuses. Do something. Yesterday, I went on a walk with my husband around the neighborhood (2.33 miles.) We did this walk on Monday and Tuesday nights as well, so we have walked a total of 7 miles this week.

2/3 is– quite literally– not perfect, but it’s a start. Today I am going to really focus on tracking and not overeating. Does anyone else experience similar problems when they’re anxious or uneasy? My brain starts to go on autopilot and it’s eat eat eat eat eat. I won’t say that it’s because I don’t have a choice, but it’s certainly hard to take a step back and realize what’s going on.

Weight loss can be a lot harder for some people than for others. For some, all it takes is to cut out something– real coke, the daily starbucks drink, etc… or maybe just to add in a little exercise. For others, it can be much, much harder.

For now, I’m just making it a point to stick to the rules I’ve set out. One minute, one hour, one day, one week at a time. That’s all anyone can do, right?

What are you doing to follow the rules? Do you have any rules of your own?

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