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Week 1, Day 6

Yesterday was not  too bad.

I went for a one mile run, which counts for my at-least-ten-minutes of exercise per day. Tonight I’d like to go on a run or a walk with my husband. We are both training for a half marathon in New Orleans in October.

I didn’t snack– at all– although my lunch and dinner weren’t the healthiest. I’m counting that as a success, because even though I might have had too much at lunch and dinner, the fact that I didn’t snack is a huge step forward for me.

My problem is mindless eating. I understand the basics of nutrition, and I’m capable of planning out a diet that’s a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. When it comes down to it, though, it becomes hard to stick to. My ultimate goal is to be able to see food as (1) fuel for my body; and (2) something to enjoy and savor, and not as a distraction or as something to keep me busy.

Part of the solution to this is to stay busy, and to find ways to occupy myself when I get hungry. Yesterday, I did that by cleaning, going for a run, and spending time with Robert.

Another method I use is to brush my teeth or chew some gum. When my teeth feel clean, I don’t want to mess them up by eating food. Then I have to brush all over again!

Today, I had Weight Watchers Smart ones English muffin sandwich for breakfast. For lunch I’ll have leftover Mexican chicken with beans and rice, and for dinner I am hosting Thai night with some friends.

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