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Verde Chicken Enchilada Casserole

I wasn’t really sure what to call this dish, so I just put a bunch of words together and went with that.

No pictures on this one, because I was too wiped out from a 2-mile run (new personal record for speed, woo!) to take them.

Here’s what you’ll need:

About 10-12 oz chicken, boiled and shredded

1 can of stewed tomatoes, Mexican style

handful cilantro, chopped or torn into small pieces

6 corn tortillas

3 oz queso fresco or other Mexican cheese

1 can green enchilada sauce

Cook the stewed tomatoes in a saucepan until they are starting to break up; encourage this with a little fork mashing. Then, add the chicken and get it soaking in the tomato juice. During this time, dunk the tortillas in the excess liquid in the pan (careful, it’s hot!). Then, add to the saucepan 2 oz of the queso fresco, chopped fine, and the cilantro.

Then, you are ready to start building your enchiladas/casserole.

What I did is to fill 4 of the corn tortillas up with the mixture and place them, seam-side down, in a casserole dish that’s just big enough to hold the 4 tortillas. Then, I poured the extra chicken mixture over these tortillas. Third, I placed two more tortillas flat on top. Then, I poured the can of green enchilada sauce over the top and jiggled it a bit until it sort of permeated the layers. Finally, I placed the last ounce of queso fresco over the top.

I placed the casserole in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes, then turned the oven to broil for about 5-7 minutes.

This makes either 2 huge servings or 4 smaller servings, depending on your preferences. In terms of Weight Watchers Points Plus, 2 huge servings are 14 points+ each, and 4 smaller servings are 7 points+ each, using Mission Corn Tortillas. Other corn tortillas may be lower in points, so the values would be even better.

This is a really easy dish to dress up by adding more veggies or different spices.

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