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Review: Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken with Dressing and Mashed Potatoes


Today for lunch I tried this meal from lean cuisine. It featured baked chicken with gravy, dressing, and mashed red potatoes. I am typically really hesitant about trying frozen meals featuring chicken, because in the past I have been greatly disappointed. Are you picking up on the fact that I’m picky? Because I am.

This dish was different, though. Overall, I enjoyed it very much. It’s always a little strange when the chicken and dressing, and not the mashed potatoes, have dressing on them, but I figured that it has something to do with the freezing process. Maybe a separate gravy packet or something would go a long way.

Anyway, it was pretty good overall. The dressing was partially mushy and partially a little bit chewy, but if you don’t mind that you’re golden. As with all frozen meals, it was a little over salted and could have used a bit more herbs and spices.

Bottom line, though: I will definitely buy it again. and with only 6 points+ values, it’s a great option for lunch.

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