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Eating Out (Lunch) for under 10 points+

Eating out sucks for your diet. It’s so hard to make hard choices, and so easy to slip into something unhealthy. Here are a few suggestions for what to pick when you’re just going to grab something quick for lunch.


Subway (all choices with 9-grain wheat bread):

Choose a Turkey sub with mustard (7 pp), light mayo (9 pp), American cheese (8 pp) or cheddar cheese (9 pp). Add apple slices (0 pp) or baked lays (3 pp).

Subway club w/ mustard (8 pp), with American cheese (9 pp), or  light mayo OR cheddar cheese (10 pp)

Veggie De-lite with mustard (6 pp), with light mayo or cheddar (8 pp), with american cheese (7 pp), or with light mayo AND cheddar (10 pp).


Chick Fil-A

Chargrilled chicken sandwich (7 pp)

Chick Fil-a chargrilled chicken club (10 pp)

Chargrilled chicken wrap (no dressing) (10 pp)

Choose these with a fruit cup (0 pp), or a side salad (2 pp) with fat free honey mustard dressing (2 pp)



Grilled chicken sandwich (10)

Half sized chicken caesar salad (includes dressing) 10 pp

Choose with apple slices (0)



Don’t bother.


Smoothie King (all smoothies 20 oz and SKINNY)

Angel food (7 pp), blackberry dream (6 pp),  or peach slice (3 pp), with added protein (will increase p p value, but you’ll want it to stay full!)


Slim and trim chocolate (5 pp)


The Shredder–Vanilla, with added fiber (7 pp)




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