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Monthly Archives: April 2013




As you can imagine, there’s a lot to do to get ready for a thousand mile move. You have to notify your old apartment that you’re leaving (check), find a new apartment (check), rent a moving van (check), notify your doctors that you’re moving (partial check), notify the vet, change your address with the post office and all of the other places that send you mail/that you have accounts with, etc… etc… etc… 

Also, you have to pack, clean out your fridge, clean your apartment top to bottom, reserve hotel rooms for the trip, and take care of the dozens of other things that pop up along the way. Like selling a car. 

Also there’s all the regular stuff. You still have to pay bills attend social functions (although hopefully people will cut us a little slack on this one). Between now and move-day I’ve got a Pampered Chef party (I’m hosting, so I can’t very well skip out on this), a two-day long continuing legal education course, a 90th birthday party, an after work cocktail hour with my co-workers, and of course taking the time to see all of the people we will be leaving behind.

It’s certainly stressful, I’ll tell you that. My mild anti-anxiety medicine doesn’t always cut it nowadays. Some Xanax might be just the thing.

I think the stress is getting to my husband, too. He elbowed me in the face last night in his sleep. At least I hope he was sleeping…