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So this is me, at my law school graduation. That was two years ago. Please ignore my crooked hood, the chubby cheeks, and double chin. I appreciate that, thanks. I currently work in Louisiana as an oil and gas litigation attorney. I am studying to take the Colorado bar exam, and in December when my husband (yup, the one in red) graduates from his graduate program, we plan on moving to Colorado.

 This is Samedi, one of our cats. You will likely be hearing a lot about our cats, since they are our children until some real ones manifest themselves. Samedi’s a year old. Yesterday (at least, the day before I wrote this section) he started himself so badly that he flew into a mad fit of terror and slammed into our living room window. I thought he’d broken it and was relieved to discover that I wouldn’t have to explain to our landlord that the cat scared himself and then head-butted a window.

We rescued Samedi when he was about six weeks old by catching him in a live trap outside our apartment. He likes to jump on me at 5:30 in the morning and knead his sharp little claws in my back for hours at a time.


This is our other cat, Eli. We adopted Eli from a local shelter, where he was named “Miracle” for his miraculous ability to get hit by a car and not be harmed. He’s very sweet, but can be quite skittish. Hence my shock when it was Samedi, and not Eli, who went tearing down the hallway and face-planted himself into the glass.

Eli likes to sit behind us on the couch and wheeze. Not quite sure what that’s all about.




 This is a picture of my husband and me at military ball our senior year of high school. We’d only been dating a couple of months at that point. It’s incredible to me how young we look. Incredible and disturbing…






Currently my days are filled with work, running errands, cooking dinner, and dragging myself to bootcamp twice weekly.  I love to cook, but don’t get a chance to make delicious from scratch dinners very often. I’m trying to move in that direction, though– from scratch dinners are healthier and more delicious than storebought junk! I plan to provide many posts that contain useful recipes and tricks for cooking dinner after a long day working and running errands.

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